UKFortuna is an Official Fan Club for Fortuna Dusseldorf.

As a Member of UKFortuna you agree to uphold the values of Fortuna Dusseldorf, UKFortuna does not discriminate against anyone, of any background, race, colour or sexual orientation. Anyone found to be acting against the inclusive spirit of Fortuna Dusseldorf and UKFortuna will be barred from Membership.


Membership FAQs

What is UKFortuna Membership?

UKFortuna Membership is active now for free, with full Membership launching for the 2018-19 season for £10 per season.

What Do I Get?

 The Full Membership for the 2018-19 season and will include (as a minimum):

  • Unique members number/card
  • Special gift
  • Discount off UKFortuna merchandise (intending to launch for 18-19 season)
  • Regular e-newsletter

A proportion of the Membership will also go towards the running of, and any profit from Membership or additional merchandise will be reinvested into new items and a charitable donation. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Up until Summer 2018 Membership is FREE.

Membership for 2018-19 will cost £10.

How Do I Sign Up?

Head over to our Shop to sign up, where all Merchandise will be available soon.

Is Membership for UK Fans Only?

Definitely not! We welcome Fortuna fans from all over the world and they're welcome to become members.

Any Other Questions?

If you've not found the answer your're looking for feel free to get in touch with us through the link on our Homepage