ESPRIT Arena & Paul Janes Stadion

There are currently two stadium used by Fortuna:


The ESPRIT Arena is used by the first team. Opened in 2004, the ESPRIT Arena is a multipurpose arena and has a capacity of 54,600 (9,917 standing). The standing section is in the south stand ( Südtribüne ) with the Ultras occupying block 36-39 and the official Supporters Club occupying block 40-14.

The stadium is infamous for both it's external appearance and the mulit-coloured seats which make the arena look full even when it's not. Externally the stadium is surrounded by a steel "mesh" and looked unlike most stadiums.

Located to the north of the city centre, the ESPRIT Arena is accessible by public transport from the city and has it's own U-Bahn station. There is also plentiful car parking space.

The stadium offers all of the usual concessions as any modern equivalent, with the usual German fare including pretzels, bratwurst etc. Beer is of course on offer, with locally brewed Frankenheim altbier and Warsteiner lager. You pay a deposit for your plastic glass, which is refundable at the end of the game which really cuts down on waste.

Paul Janes Stadion

The Paul Janes Stadion is used by the reserves and youth teams. Originally opened in 1930 it has been named the Paul Janes Stadion since 1990.

The ground has a capacity of 7,200, with open standing areas on three sides and one main grandstand. 

The stadium is served by bus links from Fortunaplatz and there is a U-Bahn station (Ronsdorfer Platz) nearby.

Generally the Under 23 side and youth teams play at Paul Janes Stadion, but it also plays host to First Team friendlies and the traditional season opening fixture against a European side.

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